Mercy Road’s Plan to Live & Give amidst COVID-19


Greetings Mercy Road Church!

In times of uncertainty non-profits, churches and businesses tend to become hyper-focused on financial resources. This is understandable. We’re already seeing this happen with the COVID – 19 Pandemic. To be sure, the leadership of Mercy Road Church desires to be responsible stewards of the financial resources God has and will provide to this faith community and movement. This is one reason we celebrated becoming a debt-free church two years ago. 

Responsible stewardship involves paying our bills but it also includes caring for those who are hurting. To this end our Church Board and Staff have made an important decision: For the next three months, 10% of all financial contributions to Mercy Road Church will go to a special COVID – 19 Mercy Fund meant for those in and outside of our church who are hit the hardest in this crisis. 

We know that God can, and God will, provide for the daily needs of Mercy Road. We also know that Scripture directs us to use the blessings God bestows on us to bless other people. God cares about those who are hurting. To this end we have formed a sub-committee from our church board who will take on the short-term responsibility of prayerfully discerning how to allocate these special resources. As you Lead Pastor let me encourage you with this thought: God cares for each of us more than we will ever know! What is more, as people made in God’s image, we are called to radically care for one another. It is precisely this calling that animates and energizes a healthy church. 

With this in mind, will you prayerfully consider how much you will choose to give to Mercy Road Church over the next three months? Please feel no pressure or guilt, but simply an invitation to rally around Mercy Road Church in a challenging season. I invite all who are able to help us keep Mercy Road on mission financially, and in so doing, help provide for the people inside and outside of our church.  

Lastly, if you are struggling in this season please feel free to reach out to us at: 

Please know that you are not alone. You are deeply loved, and Mercy Road is here to pray for, encourage, and help support you.  

This season shall pass my friends. When it does I pray that we can look back with the satisfaction of knowing we lived boldly and generously and the watching world came to see even more clearly that we belong to Jesus. 

For detailed instructions on how to financially support Mercy Road Church please click the link below:

Thank you in advance my friends.
Genuinely, Pastor Mike Lotzer

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