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At Mercy Road Church our goal is to partner with parents to help every child feel KNOWN, LOVED and SECURE. We believe having a loving relationship with Jesus makes that possible! So whether you already know Jesus or you are skeptical of church and faith, we would love to have the opportunity to encourage you! No strings attached!

Youth Edition-3

It's a tough time and we understand! During this COVID-19 season, many families are choosing to avoid larger gatherings of people. This has made going to church difficult and kids might be missing out on the relationships and Biblical instruction they normally receive on a Sunday morning. Mercy Road Kids is thinking outside of the box to offer opportunities for safer, smaller, and consistent groups for kids to meet. We currently have small group opportunities for kids on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:00 - 7:00PM.  All small groups are FREE and you can register here or email Kerry, our Kids Ministry Director at with any questions.

We will continue to provide online resources too! Please use the links below anytime for a special gathering of your own with worship songs and special video lessons from our wonderful partners at Orange! The links will be updated every Friday.

online lessons


Story Focus: Jesus loves me no matter what. We will end the month with a story of a woman expressing her deep gratitude because Jesus loved her, no matter what. We want more than anything for our preschoolers to hear this story and believe this to be true, ‘Jesus loves me, no matter what, and nothing will ever change that.’ Because every child was made for His love.


We finish the month with a familiar parable found in Luke 10:25-37. When the religious leaders tried to make themselves look good, they try and trick Jesus with a question. If we’re supposed to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, who exactly is our neighbor? Jesus answers with the parable of The Good Samaritan. Jesus used this story to completely change how people who follow Him should look at showing kindness to others— it’s not just for people we know or like, but for everyone we meet.
Bottom Line: Be kind to people who are different from you. Everyone is deserving of our kindness, whether they look like us or not. We hope kids learn from a young age, that God’s love is for everyone. We can’t hold back kindness from others just because they might look or act different from us. Jesus modeled a love and kindness that included everyone. We should do that same.

Register your child(ren) here. 

We always welcome drop-ins on a Sunday, just head to the Mercy Kids check-in desk. If you wish to register your child with us, you will get a personalized security sticker each time they attend Mercy Kids. Registration forms are available at the check-in desk or click the link above.

First Visit for your child?

We welcome kids to visit and participate in our nursery, preschool and elementary classes!  When you arrive on Sunday, please bring your child to the Kids Ministry check-in desk. There you will be warmly greeted and given security stickers, one for your child and one for you to keep.  Depending on the age of your children, they’ll either go directly into the nursery/toddler room or head with you to get settled in the Worship Center. Kids will be dismissed to their classes, accompanied by their leaders, during the service.


Parent and Family Resources

At Mercy Road Kids, we understand that parents have the most influence on a child, and by partnering with you, we can make a greater impact. We have a family resource wall filled with books and resources covering a wide range of topics. We also offer parenting small group workshops and events throughout the year.



At Mercy Road we believe that every child is made in the image of God and has the potential to do remarkable things. We have partnered with Orange and Parent Cue. We use the First Look and 252 Kids Curriculum. The Orange curriculum combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive children’s ministry strategy.  We agree that when we at Mercy Road, partner with parents and caregivers, there is a greater impact. We will equip you with tools like tangible cues to use at strategic times throughout the week to reinforce what was talked about on Sundays. We are committed to helping you do more for your child’s faith by providing resources, guidance, love and community.


Weekend Programming

FIRST LOOK ROOM (Infants through age 3)

Our nursery provides a safe, loving environment for your littlest ones.  We weave creative activities, music, video presentations and small group discussions to reinforce one clear and simple bottom line each week so kids can walk or crawl way and remember what matters most.

WONDER ROOM (Preschool and Kindergarten)

Our preschool leaders want your kids to grow up making wiser choices, building stronger relationships and developing a deeper faith.  We use three relational motives in our preschool room… Wonder, Discovery and Passion. Each Sunday, lessons are filled with intentional fun and connection to God’s truth. At Mercy Road Church we believe that prayer is a gift from God to help us have a relationship with Him and we start teaching about prayer in our preschool room. We pray weekly with and for our students.

DISCOVERY ROOM (Elementary 1st-2nd and 3rd-5th grade)

At Mercy Road we want every elementary student to trust in Jesus in a way that transforms how they love God, themselves, and the world around them. This is accomplished through relational ministry. We share the teachings of Jesus in a way that students can understand and apply to their current life situations. We provide small group settings with consistent, caring leaders that know and love your child.



Mercy Road Youth

At Mercy Road church we want to provide a safe space and opportunities for our young people in 6th-12th grade to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  We all know that being a teenager in today’s society can be challenging. Our kids today face issues and pressures that simply did not exist when we were growing up.  We want to be here to provide a positive, Christ-centered group to help support them in their walk with Jesus. Our goal is to clearly communicate to our teens that they are loveable, capable, and worthwhile, they are loved without strings, and that they are not alone. At Mercy Road Church we believe in the power of the Gospel to both save, and transform lives (Titus 2:11-14)